Even though gutters are easy to overlook, they have an important job. When they are not in the best of condition, they do not function properly, which could lead to a wide range of problems. If your gutters are old, then you may want to begin thinking about what you will want to replace them with. The same goes if they are simply falling apart. Here are the signs to watch for so you know when it is time to put the old gutters to rest and replace them.

Your Gutters Show Signs of Wear and Tear

When your gutters begin to show you signs of trouble, it usually means they are already well on their way out. Gutters are incredibly strong, but when they begin to breakdown, it is often a rapid process. Look for these signs that your gutters need some assistance or even a full replacement:

  • When it rains, you see nearly as much water coming out as what the rain is putting into your gutters.
  • Your gutters are splitting along the seams, or you can see rust coming through your gutters from beneath them.
  • You notice that the screws and nails from your gutters are falling out or that the gutters themselves are no longer securely held against the house.
  • Your gutters begin sagging in the stretches, and often, when it is raining, you see water spilling over the top of those sagging points.
  • The basement that used to be dry is now damp or flooding.
  • The landscaping directly beneath an area of your gutters has eroded or anything you have planted there dies off from too much water hitting it.

Want to Find Out More? Reach Out!

Here at Stanley Exteriors, we do a lot more than replace gutters, but we also understand how important these simple pieces of machinery really are. They can go a long way towards keeping your home safe and keeping your basement dry. If you have noticed any of these signs of problematic gutters, contact us right away. We will come out, check how your gutters are really doing, and if they need replacing, we can do that, too.

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