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Did you know there is more to your home’s exterior protection than just siding? It’s true – your home’s soffit and fascia are important components that keep your home safe, dry, and well ventilated.

For most homeowners, soffit and fascia are not at the top of a home improvement project list. Many come to the Stanley Exteriors team unsure of where to begin replacing their existing soffit and fascia system. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about too many of the details; in fact, soffit and fascia installation is one of our primary specialties. Our team of industry experts are ready to walk you through the process – consultation to completion.

Soffit and fascia installation with Stanley Exteriors

The soffit is the area beneath your roof’s overhang. The fascia is the horizontal edge that attaches to the soffit; it presents a neat, finished look to your house’s exterior. Stanley Exteriors works with two particular types of soffits and fascia; we are ready to guide you through your options. Whether you prefer vinyl or aluminum soffits and fascia, we guarantee you’ll be thrilled with your end result.

Stanley Exteriors knows soffit and fascia installation inside and out. The venting of our panels feature an outward weave design that maximizes visual attractiveness while simultaneously supplying vital attic ventilation. Solid, vertical panels can be fitted for outstanding visual appeal at each entrance and at the end of each gable.

Stanley Exteriors installs soffit and fascia in residential homes throughout the Chicago area and surrounding counties. Our expertly trained professionals will assure your installation is done correctly, is done on time, and is done on budget. It’s our attention to detail that allows us to provide you with an excellent result for a reasonable price.

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