Protect Your Home from Spring Flooding

Springtime in Chicagoland is lovely! Colorful flowers are blooming, trees are budding, and temperatures are beckoning all of us to put away the winter coats and head outside. However, one significant drawback to spring is the increased risk of rain and home flooding.

Each year, homeowners throughout the Chicago suburbs find themselves paying for damage caused by basement flooding or foundation issues thanks, in part, to issues that could have been resolved with a bit of preventative maintenance. Is your home at risk for flooding this spring? Take a look at a few places you should check before the April showers start falling.

Your Roof
While an old roof will not cause your basement to flood, it can cause water damage throughout your home. If your roof is more than 15 years old, or if you notice damaged shingles, it is time to invest in a replacement.

Your Gutters
Overflowing gutters, or gutters with downspouts that are not positioned correctly can quickly cause flooding and even foundation damage. Springtime is the first season since winter that your gutters have had the chance to work, and it is also the season that gutters are chock full of debris. Without proper drainage, your gutters can flood and cause more damage than you may expect. Be sure that your gutters can handle the job.

Your Flooring
If your basement or garage does flood, do you have the best flooring to resist damage? Epoxy floors are a durable, and trendy, option for both basements and garages. These floors are easy to clean in case of flooding and they look great too.

At Stanley Exteriors, we encourage homeowners to use preventative maintenance and checks to discover potential problems before catastrophe strikes. If you have any concerns about your flooring, roofing, gutters, or brickwork, now is the time to have a professional consultation.

Give us a call for a free estimate and to ask our advice on your next steps. Prevent paying damages by investing now in your next home improvement project. We would love to help make your next project a dream come true.

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