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Projects to Boost Curb Appeal

If you are planning to sell your home, or if you just want to invest in a project that will brighten up the way your home looks, choosing an exterior upgrade is your best bet. Improving the exterior of your home can go a long way to increase the value of your home or express your personal style. Here are just a few projects that you can invest in to make a major difference in your home’s appearance.

Your home’s landscaping doesn’t have to be intricate or hard to manage to look great. Assure your landscaping is not overgrown and that it enhances your house’s appearance (and doesn’t fight for attention). Add pops of complementing color by planting flowers, but also make sure your home will look great in the wintertime as well.

Upgrading your home’s siding can give your entire property a new look. We love that siding comes in a variety of options for homeowners to pick from; color, size, and material can be coordinated to express almost any style.

A new roof may not seem like a glamorous investment, but it can boost your home’s value and curb appeal. An old or damaged roof can not only be a recipe for flooding inside the home, it can also display a lack of care for your house.

Garage Upgrade
Is your garage looking a bit shabby? Make a few upgrades to your garage and restore it to its former glory. A beautiful garage can only add to your property’s aesthetic.

Investing in new windows not only boosts your home’s exterior curb appeal, you also will see the benefits throughout the inside of the home. Outdated windows can become drafty and are not energy efficient. Choosing to invest in new windows for your home can provide energy savings as well as making your house look great from the inside out.

Autumn is the ideal time to make exterior upgrades before winter weather sets in and delays installation. If you have a project you want to be completed, or if you aren’t sure where to start, give the experienced team at Stanley Exteriors a call. We would love to give you an estimate and begin to transform your home’s appearance.

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