The garage used to simply be a place to hold totes and boxes on shelves, and house the family car. Today, garages have far more uses than ever before. It is now seen as a man cave to many, giving people a bit more flexibility on how to use the space. One of the most popular uses of the space is as a workshop. Some people love to do woodworking, others like to weld, but all crafty types need a place to hold their tools and practice their crafts. If you want to give your garage a second reason to exist, then a garage workshop is likely the best reason there is.

Organization is the Key

When you use your garage for multiple purposes, you need to keep everything organized. You need to have items up on the walls, in the rafters, or even hanging from the ceiling if necessary. Your goal should be to have an easily usable space available, while still being able to clean up and put your car inside when you’re done. If you are lucky enough to have a space big enough for both, then you still need to keep everything organized if you want to get anything accomplished.

Consider Your Tools Before Adding Anything

This one is going to limit what you can do to some extent, but it is necessary to get the most out of your garage. You need to consider what you will be adding into that space. Think about if you need a welding tank, and where it would sit. What if you need a bandsaw? These are big tools that need their own footprint on the garage floor. Make sure you have the places these will sit ready before you opt to add any storage or assembly spaces into your garage.

Need Help? That is Where We Come In

When you turn to Stanley Exteriors, we want you to know that we appreciate the dedication you have to your garage. We want to ensure that you have the space you need to work safely, while also having room to store anything or house your car, if you so wish. Contact our garage experts and talk to them about your options. The garage-envy from the neighbors is a phone call away.

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