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Unique Hobby-Friendly Upgrades to Add to Your Garage

If you aren’t using your garage for something more than just parking your car, you are missing out on an opportunity. Today, garages are considered another entertainment space, organizational area, or hobby shop. In fact, spending money on upgrading your garage can not only give you additional space to enjoy, but you may also even be able to sell your home more quickly.

At Stanley Exteriors, we are garage upgrade experts. We love working with clients to create more than just a garage for their car. Our clients come to us in the hopes of creating a garage that is functional and beautiful. 

Here are a few of our favorite upgrades to consider when planning your garage project.

Built-In Organization

Most people use their garage for additional storage, but it doesn’t take long for the clear plastic bins to stack up against the wall and begin looking tacky. Creating a customized organizational system can give you more functional space to store everything from your woodworking supplies to your holiday decorations. 

One way to create organizational space that can be flexible as your needs change is transforming one wall into a pegboard. Bicycles, crafting supplies, and even home gym equipment can hang from sturdy pegs as needed. Easily adjustable shelving is a wise idea as well.

Plenty of Electrical Access

A garage needs plenty of electrical access, especially if your hobby includes plugging in. Assure your new garage has wall outlets mounted at counter height and near the floor. You may also want outlets near the ceiling or built into countertops.


Speaking of countertops, your garage needs plenty of counter space so that you can easily work on your hobbies or entertain. Consider a bar area to transform your garage into an instant hang-out space or a sturdy and durable counter to provide you with an adequate workspace.

What does your dream garage look like? Whether you need just a few upgrades or a full custom build, the team at Stanley Exteriors can make it happen. We can walk you through the entire process from design to installation and beyond. 

Call us today to get started!

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