How to Tell if Your Garage Has Enough Insulation

Did you know that having the proper amount of insulation in your garage is a question of efficiency? Many homeowners choose to insulate their garage on a whim, but not everyone realizes the consequences. We’re going to take a look at some key signs and figure out if your garage has enough insulation.

Tips for Knowing if Your Garage is Sufficiently Insulated

Is your garage warm and dry, but do you still prefer to wear a coat in there? Does the floor feel cool beneath your feet when you’re standing?

If both of these are true, then you know that you have enough insulation. In this instance, it’s probably a good idea to add more insulation if desired. However, remember that if you have radiant heat on the floor, then it may be counterintuitive to insulate because you won’t feel as much of a difference.

Is your garage cold and humid? Do you see moisture on the walls or ventilation fans when they’re on?

If this is true, then you need insulation! You should look into having insulation installed because it will keep the temperature of the garage stable, reduce moisture in the air and make sure that your family is safe!

Is your garage floor cold to the touch when you’re wearing shoes? For example, does it feel like a draft coming from beneath your feet?

In this instance, you have one of two problems. If you have a cement slab without insulation, then it’s doing the exact opposite of keeping your garage warm. You should consider having an installer come out and insulate your floor! However, if you have radiant heat on the floor, then it may be counterintuitive to insulate because you won’t feel as much of a difference.

Is your garage too hot to keep your car in? Does it feel like you can’t get comfortable, or is the air conditioner running more often than usual?

If this is true, then you definitely have a problem. Fortunately, insulation will help you out. It will make sure that the temperature of the garage stays stable and decreases humidity.

Call Stanley Exteriors to Find Out More About Garage Insulation

If you need new or more insulation in your garage, then call us. Here at Stanley Exteriors, we love helping you create a garage that is an extension of your home!

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