Considerations When Planning for a New Garage

If you’re thinking about the best way to give yourself space, consider adding a new garage onto your property. Secondary garages are a great way to ensure that you have enough room to store all of your extra stuff. They are also fully customizable from adding additions like parking roofs, to having extra amenities. Here are some great things to think about when you want to approach planning your new garage.

Think About Versatility

If you plan on never putting anything inside of it besides boxes, you could be fine with not installing anything outside of four walls. However, if you are wanting the extra space for projects, there is a long list of amenities that can make your time inside of it more enjoyable.

Outlets: Have you ever needed an outlet and not had one available? Suddenly we drop our longest extension cords and pray, right? There’s no reason to not add additional outlets in your new garage. It will make your life easier, and give you access to doing more things inside and around the building.

Shelves: Inside your current garage, do you have those wire shelves made of steel? Many people do because they can hold a lot of weight. However, they are also massive. They cut down on the square footage of your garage significantly. Installing shelves will not only save you the guesswork of finding the right steel shelves, but it will also add another amenity to the next home buyer.

Work Benches: Are you a handyman? Do you collect every tool that comes your way, for better or worse? You should consider getting a workbench installed. Workbenches allow you a place to sit and well, work. Unlike other places like inside the home, where projects can become messy, doing projects inside of your garage is a great way to keep your home clean.

Call Us Today for a Quote

There are a lot of other considerations that you should think about for the garage. Things like how you want to do lighting, windows, or if you even want a floor and what type of floor. Our expert team of planners and builders will work with you to make your garage exactly what you need. Call Stanley Exteriors to get a free quote today.

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