How Often Does Your Roof Need to Get Inspected?

Have you really ever gone up and inspected your roof? How often do you stand on the ground and look at each shingle for signs of trouble? Most people do not look at their roof often in these terms. They may do it once or twice a year, but is that enough? As contractors, we do not believe so. Ideally, you should look at your roof at least monthly. If you have a big storm, look at it the next day if the weather allows. That way, you get used to what your roof looks like, and are more likely to notice if something is off.

Inspecting Your Roof Means Seeing What’s Really There

A roof inspection is more than just looking up and seeing shingles. You need to look at your shingles. Are they all lined up as they should be? Are they flat? Do any of them have lifted edges or bald spots on them? Are any loose or missing? These are all things you should look for, just from the shingle side of things.

Now, you need to look at your roof. Is it all flat? Is the entire thing even? Are there dips or raises anywhere out of the ordinary? What about your flashing, is that in good shape? There is a lot that goes into a roof inspection. If you do it often, you will notice when small changes take place. At that point, you can make small changes and often correct your roof before anything major happens. The problem is, if you are not sure what to look for, you may overlook a problem.

Let the Professionals Take Over This Job

While you can do a roof inspection, it is not something we advise. This is not because it brings business our way. It is because it is difficult, and for someone without training, it can also be dangerous. We would much rather you be safe, which is why we can come out and take a look at your roof on a regular basis. If we see early problems, we can tell you what we see and point out where. If you see anything change, you can call us in again to look. That way, you know your roof is as safe as possible. Contact ushere at Stanley Exteriors to learn more!

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