Unusual Signs Your Roof Needs Repairs

Everyone is aware of some signs that your roof needs help. If your roof is missing shingles, there’s a hole, or you can see water pouring in, there is definitely something wrong. However, what about those little tiny signs that are not so easy to spot? Would you know if your roof needed repairs if you spotted them? Would you even be able to spot them at all? This is our area of expertise, so we look for all signs, big and small. However, we also want you to know what to look for. That way, if you see an early sign that your roof is in trouble, you know to call us.

Look for Changes in How Your Roof Looks

With all of the architectural shingles out there, spotting signs may not be as easy as it once was. It used to be that if you saw something green or white in streaks, you knew it was mold. Now, that could be signs of a shingle made to look like slate. What you want to do is look for things that stand out from patterns. This could be areas of lighter or darker color. You may see divots and depressions around the roof. These are signs that there is an issue and typically that means water damage.

Another unusual sign of a roofing problem is found under your roof. If you are up in your attic and it’s chilly out, you may see nails that missed the frame when the roof went up. They often look white and covered in ice. These are called frosty nails. These can be dangerous because they are simply put through your roofing materials, not secured into the frame. This means there is not as tight of a hold, which could result in water problems. Moisture is what caused the frosty appearance, and is a sign you should keep an eye on.

Let Us Help Spot Signs of Roof Problems Early

If you want help keeping an eye on the health of your roof, then call us. Here at Stanley Exteriors, we can help with all sorts of roofing issues. No matter what type of sign you see that your roof needs help, we can be there to provide it.

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