Can You Add a Second Garage?

As long as there is enough space on the property to build, you can add as many garages as you want! Secondary garages are a great way to protect those belongings which would otherwise get put in a storage unit and possibly damaged. Many people have garages built with a specific purpose in mind, be it storage for boxes, cars, or a workshop. Further, we can now erect garages with specially installed features to fit exactly what you need from them. We’re able to install windows, workbenches, extra outlets; anything that will help you reach your goals for your new garage, no matter what they are.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

Building a garage is easy, it’s getting to that point that can be difficult. Take, for example, what you want to do in terms of a size for your garage. How big it needs to be will take precedence over everything else, since that will determine any sort of additions. If you are a car collector, maybe getting a double garage isn’t a bad idea. But getting a double garage to store some holiday boxes? You may want to consider looking at singles instead.

You also need to think about zoning laws around your house. If you live inside of an HOA, you will need to speak to them before building anything—or you can risk fines. Further, your particular community may have a max limit of buildings so speak to the head of the community before you start building. (And keep in mind that nice increase in home value when you speak to them.)

Additionally, the garage will need to be connected to the street. If this means that it will block access to the road for your house already, then you should think about another area for the build. For this reason, you should give us a call to speak about your options. Depending on your goals for the garage, you should end up having at least 20 feet of clearance per single sectional.

Your Local Illinois Garage Builders

We are your one-stop shop for all of your exterior needs and desires. Our team of planners and builders are committed to getting you exactly what you need, every time. Give us a call today, Stanley Exteriors is ready to help with your next home improvement project.

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