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Make Your Garage into Your Ultimate ManCave or SheShed

Do you need a reason to turn your garage into the ultimate mancave or sheshed? How about just because you want to? If that won’t quite work, then how about the fact that it can be done for you! Well, most of it anyway. That makes life easy, plus it provides you with a space that can be as unique as your needs are. Having your own space to do whatever you want with is peace of mind and serenity, in one. Here at Stanley Exteriors, we can help turn your garage into your perfect oasis in no time. Want to find out more?

Convert an Existing Garage or Start Anew

You have many different options when it comes to using your garage as a new space. Do you have a current garage you want to use? We can help using that space as your foundation. We can also work with your dreams and make them into a reality. Each garage can be set up how you’d like, we can add windows or doors, and even epoxy the floor in colors that reflect your personality.

If you want us to convert an existing garage, we can still change it to match your needs and personality. We can make sure the space is insulated to keep you warm during our lovely winters. Plus, we can make sure the roof is both secure and beautiful. Once we’re done, all there will be for you to do is decorate and enjoy. Not sure which would be the better option between the mancave and the sheshed? Split it down the middle and make both!

Looking for Ideas for Your New Space?

For anyone looking for creative ideas, we can help there, too. In all of our years of experience, we’ve never seen the same boom of ideas we have now. People all around Chicagoland want to have extra space to call their own. Let us show you want options we can provide, by scheduling a consultation with us today. Let us create a space that you want to retreat to. We are just a phone call away!

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