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Are Windows Worth the Investment if You Plan to Sell?

Even if you plan to sell, you should always consider having your windows looked at, updated, and possibly even reinstalled with new options. Having your windows up to date is a large factor in the evaluation of your home. They are always worth the investment. The new owners will look favorably on not needing to worry about them for a few years (outside of maintenance).

Updating Your Current Windows

It is not necessary that you remove and install brand-new windows in every room before you sell. Especially if you do not have the liquid cash to do full renovations. However, you can still have your windows updated and maintained without breaking the bank, and this will also add to the value of your home. Any sort of structural cracks or windowsill cracks should also be noticed and fixed, since they will lower the house value. Some house flippers may see these cracks and simply cover them with paint and filler—that doesn’t work for us. We will find out why the cracks are happening and work with you to fix and prevent them so your home can sell.

Installing New Windows

There is a large number of new window types for all forms of homes and rooms. From different types of glass to different types of window materials, there is an option for everyone and every style. The traditional wood ones can last decades, but when was the last time you did maintenance on your wooden windows? Now we have things like vinyl materials which are low maintenance and color fade resistant. Getting something like that installed, is sure to shoot your value up, possibly between $100-$300 per window.

Call Us to Explore Your Options

At Stanley Exterior we believe it is necessary to keep your home in the best condition possible. From updating exterior amenities to installing brand-new assets. We want you to call on us when you have questions or concerns about your exterior. Contact our experts today to find out how we can help you reach your goals.

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