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How Often Should You Inspect Your Windows for Signs of Problems?

Performing routine inspections on a home’s exterior can save time, damage, and unpleasantness associated with structural damage. Windows should be inspected regularly as well, since damaged windows can introduce a variety of complications ranging from increased air conditioning costs to health and safety risks to the home’s residents. With regards to how often window should be inspected, the best answer is to err on the side of caution and perform a check.

When in Doubt, Inspect

There is no single correct answer regarding how often homeowners should inspect their windows. Although conventional wisdom recommends that homeowners inspect their windows every six months, there are several factors that warrant more frequent checkups. Homeowners who live on coastal areas or other high-moisture areas should survey their windows at least once a month for signs of rot, mold, and mildew. Homeowners who live in areas with harsh winters should hire professional home inspectors to check their windows before the weather drops to the mid-forties Fahrenheit. And windows should be at least visually scrutinized after a home receives physical damage, whether the cause is minor – such as a misguided baseball – or catastrophic – such as storm damage.

Prevention is Better Than Repairs

Routine maintenance should go hand-in-hand with routine inspections, as the time and costs associated with minor tweaks and cleaning can forestall or prevent major expenses associated with repairing or replacing a window. Applying compatible lubricant to window tracks can keep window panes sliding smoothly. Insect screens paired with windows can often be cleaned with a vacuum; this will reduce window stains as well as provide less incentive for pests to gnaw on the screens. And basic cleaning with non-abrasive cleaners removes dirt, debris, mildew, and mold. Basic cleanings also let sunlight pass through windows more easily, which can discreetly lower heating costs during the winter.

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