What Is Your Fascia and Why Does Your Home Need It?

Homeowners are often not aware of what a fascia is or does. Put simply, a fascia is a board that runs along the lower edge of a roof. You’ll find it often installed on the edge of eaves where it aids in holding up the last layer of shingles on the roof. And what does roof fascia do? Not only does it support the lower layer of shingles, but also supports the gutters around your house. This is important and a big job. Just imagine the amount of weight a heavy rain puts on your gutters. Similar to any other part of your home, the fascia needs attention and maintenance over time. Taking care of the fascia can also help protect your roof and the contents of your home.

Signs You Need Fascia Repair

The fascia is easy to miss until something goes wrong with it. You should book some time in your annual roof inspection to take a look at your fascia as well. Here are some signs your fascia needs maintenance.

Cracks and Flakes

Not only does this detract from curb appeal, cracks and flakes in the fascia likely mean it requires repair or replacement. Thankfully, this inspection is easy and quick. An ounce of such prevention can save a pound of headache, and expense, in the future.


Pests can be a real headache. Even worse, even after getting rid of them, if you don’t find out how they are getting in, another group will likely become unwanted tenants in the future. The fascia can be one vulnerability. If it is improperly installed or damaged, there could be gaps where pets can get into the roof or attic. The damage this can lead to is substantial. Pests like rats will often chew wiring, which could lead to a fire. As well, their waste can be a serious health threat to people.

Maintain Your Fascia

The fascia around your home plays an important role in protecting your home. Should you detect any issues, you can count upon the experts at Stanley Exteriors. Not only do they service and install fascia and soffits, but they are also happy to consult with you to find the right solution.

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