There’s something classic and lovely about a home with brickwork. Homes built with brick and mortar are also sturdy, which can leave uninformed home owners ill equipped to handle any brick and mortar damage. However, damaged masonry isn’t just unpleasant to look at – it can also lead to all sorts of problems, from leaks and water damage to structural compromise.

When brick and mortar need maintenance

When brick and mortar begin to wear and tear, be it due to moisture erosion, insects, or the damaging effects of moisture paired with temperature changes (freeze/thaw cycle), the entire home structure can suffer. Cracks, flaking, crumbling motor and holes can detract from the beauty of your home’s brickwork outside your home as well as inside your home. If you have noticed that your exterior chimney or other brickwork is looking less than spectacular, it is time to begin the repair process before extensive damage occurs.

Mortar plays an important role in the structural integrity of the masonry structure. When bricks are riddled with cracks and holes, or receding and wearing away, part of the strength of the masonry is removed. But Stanley Exteriors can help by providing clean, beautiful, and long-lasting tuckpointing work.

Tuckpointing results that are clean and durable

Stanley Exteriors brings expertise and proven techniques to each masonry repair job. We use the best tools and techniques, and match our knowledge and experience to the project.

To begin the tuckpointing process, we grind out the damaged mortar joints, being careful not to damage any of the surrounding brick. Once the old mortar is removed, we match the new mortar to the existing mortar in both color and strength, and begin packing the joints with the new mortar. When we’re finished, you can expect smooth, visually seamless, results that are durable.

Our team also offers acid power washing for our masonry clients. This efficient cleaning eliminates bacteria that spend their time deteriorating your brick at an increased rate. Without this important acid power washing step, new mortar needs replacement much more quickly.

Finally, our team can talk to you about our Lentil Replacement. If you have cracks on your brick that seem to be coming back often, especially near your windows, you may need Lentil replacement. The steel Lentil often rusts above the window, causing it to expand and cause cracks that come back. Allow us to trouble shoot with you to see if we can assure your masonry troubles do not return.

If your masonry is looking worse each year, don’t put off repairs. Scheduling tuckpointing work with our certified team of masons can prolong the life of your masonry and prevent water from penetrating the masonry and causing extensive internal damage.

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