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Tips for Making Your Home’s Exterior More Sustainable and Eco-friendly

Making responsible decisions that have a lower impact on the planet is a key value for the Millennial generation and the generations that follow. At Stanley Exteriors, we see homeowners frequently researching ways to make their house more eco-friendly and to adopt practices that will provide a more sustainable way of life.

We love collaborating with our clients and finding ways to make responsible decisions they can be proud of. Here are a few things to consider when researching ways to make your home’s exterior features more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Start with Siding

Your house’s siding is an important feature of the exterior. Not only can great looking siding boost your curb appeal and even increase the value of your home, but siding can also decrease your energy use. At Stanley Exteriors, we offer siding in a variety of materials, with our fiber cement siding being one of the most eco-friendly options. This type of siding emits fewer toxins when it is destroyed, and while it has the look of traditional wood siding, it does not require cutting down trees or making plastic.

Continue with Gutters

Your gutters serve an important role in your home’s exterior. Safely removing water from the roof means you don’t have to worry about leaking or flooding. However, you can increase your gutter eco-friendliness by choosing a gutter that is built to last and resist damage. Talk to us about our options in order to find a durable choice. Further, consider connecting your downspouts to rain barrels, an easy way to collect rainwater and use it for other purposes.

Don’t Forget the Roof

You can increase the sustainability of your new roof by choosing a lighter color of shingle. This small decision can decrease the amount of sunlight and heat the roof absorbs from the sun, meaning your home stays a bit cooler and energy efficient.

Are you looking to find ways to make your house a bit more friendly to the planet? We can help. Give our team a call to talk about your goals.

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