Is this the year when you plan to replace or upgrade your roof? If so, now is the best time to get it done. Spring and summer are great times to replace a roof due to the extra daylight hours, more stable weather, and efficient insulation. While you can replace your roof in any season, getting it done now might be better than waiting.

The Process is Quicker and Cheaper

Most people choose to have roof work done in the autumn, so it can take longer to make an appointment. On top of that, prices may be higher during the fall. Rather than paying more, choose spring or summer for your roof replacement. The extra hours of daylight let contractors work longer each day and get things done quicker.

Creates Better Efficiency for Winter

Having a damaged roof is a terrible thing during the winter months. It cuts down on the thermal efficiency of your home. If you leave the roof untreated all winter, your energy bills will be higher as heat escapes through the roof. Having a roof replacement early means lower energy costs and a home that is ready for winter.

Installation Is Easier

While the weather can fluctuate at all times of the year, the spring and summer are often more predictable. That means the people installing the roof can work through the day and get things done more quickly. With the snow, ice, and wind of winter, that isn’t always possible. Interruptions mean slowed progress on your replacement, which can be avoided in spring and summer.

Lower Levels of Moisture

During the winter, snow can pile up and lead to damp materials or freezing, thawing, and freezing again. This can make cracks larger and harder to work with. In warmer months, precipitation is less of an issue which makes it the ideal time to replace your roof. While roof workers can get the job done when there is moisture outside, it isn’t the best environment to get things done efficiently.

There are tons of reasons to replace your roof in the spring or summer. As we move into fall and winter, temperatures drop and any roof issues will become more pronounced. If your roof has experienced damage, now is the time to rectify the issue. Reach out to Stanley Exteriors and get things done before fall and winter come.

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