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FAQs About Garage Upgrades

December is a great month to relax and enjoy your home with friends and family. It is also a great month to begin daydreaming about your home improvement projects for 2020. If a garage upgrade is on your daydreaming list, you would be wise to research your options well. 

At Stanley Exteriors, we work with many clients to make their garage dreams a reality. During our years of experience, we have noticed that clients tend to have similar questions. Here is a list of frequently asked questions we encounter with clients; perhaps these questions and answers will assist you as you begin your garage upgrade research.

I Can’t Afford a Total Upgrade Right Now. Is It Worth It To Upgrade One Project at a Time?

Yes! Your garage upgrade project can be a work in progress. Many times, small upgrades, like adding electricity, can make a major difference in the space.

I Don’t Know If My Garage Is Structurally Sound. What Do I Do?

Sometimes, your garage may need serious structural work before you begin adding all the bells and whistles. If your garage is detached from your home, you are at an increased risk for structural concerns. However, the team at Stanley Exteriors can assist with not only your upgrades but also with simply giving you a structurally sound and safe garage.

Can You Help Me Turn My Garage Into an Entertainment Space?

Absolutely! We love getting to know clients and their goals for their garage. We have transformed garages into spaces that support client preferences, whether that is entertainment, hobby work, or something else entirely.

Is Upgrading My Garage Going to Be Expensive?

Your garage upgrades may cost less than you are imagining. Call our team of experts to tell us more about your hopes and your budget. We will work with you to find solutions and give you a garage to be proud of.

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