Best Weatherproof and Durable Roofing and Siding

When you’re constructing or upgrading your home, the two most important areas are the roof and your siding. Honestly, these two areas are like the bullet-proof vest for your house.

Think about it – what other areas of the home take as much punishment as the roof and the siding? There are none. Whether it’s precipitation, direct sunlight, freezing temperatures, or wind, these two areas of your home take the full force of it all.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to ensure you end up with the most weatherproof and durable roofing and siding money can buy. If you’re upgrading or building a new house, you’ll want to read this article first.

The Right Materials and Methods

Use the following section to give you the best ideas for materials and methods for your roof and siding.


It doesn’t matter if it’s the roof or the siding – you’ll need some reinforcements for them to hold up against the elements. Before the final installation goes on, you want the entire area to be protected and waterproof.

Use sticky pieces of weatherproofing membrane, and top it with builder’s felt. Then you can add your roof or siding.


Usually, homes have plastic wrap underneath the siding to stop wind and water. However, using builders felt can be more efficient. When you use this material, you can use spray foam to insulate. This way, there’s no passage of moisture or air at all. You’re way more protected than with standard insulation.


You should consider using the following materials to build with.


The peel-and-stick waterproofing membrane is perfect because of its ability to keep moisture out. Plus, it sticks to itself, which makes it easier to install. However, this can also make it tricky, so you need to get a good technique down. It also needs to be covered with siding, roofing, or metal flashing.

Cement Siding

You can use fiber cement instead of painted wood. It doesn’t rot or burn and has a much longer life than the latter. We’re talking about a lifespan of 50 years or better.

If you have a roofing or siding project on your list of things to do, using the methods and materials mentioned above can get you a lot more life out of both. This is critical for two areas that take a beating, like the siding and your roof. In the end, you’ll save a lot of time and money by avoiding unnecessary repairs and installations.

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