Is it time for a new roof for your home or garage, but you are considering putting it off for one more year. A new roof is an investment, certainly, but an old or outdated roof cannot do its job well any longer and must be replaced. When you make the responsible decision to replace your roof, you will notice the benefits immediately.

Less Water Damage or Leaking

Broken or old shingles are a hallmark of a roof that needs replacing. Without a new roof, water can sneak through vulnerable spots and end up dripping in your attic. Even worse, a larger hole could cause serious water damage in your attic and upper floors. Reduce this risk, and the financial issues a major leak can cause, by getting your new roof now.

Greater Curb Appeal and Resale Value

Your new roof is going to look great, and you won’t be the only one who notices. A new roof will instantly boost your curb appeal and add to your home’s exterior look. If you are seeking to sell your home this year or soon, a new roof is a major bonus that home buyers will pay extra for.

Lower Energy Bills

When you run your heater and air conditioner, you expect the warm or cool air to stay inside your home. Unfortunately, an old roof doesn’t do its job well and can cause air leaks inside and outside the home. While you may not think a drafty attic is a problem, your energy bills after your new roof will decrease significantly. You’ll wonder why you waited so long to replace it!

When you are ready to invest in your new roof, protect your investment by choosing to work with only the best professionals in the area. At Stanley Exteriors, we give each of our clients personalized attention, walking them through the entire process. Our installation team is led by experienced professionals that are friendly, timely, and tidy. You will love your experience working with Stanley Exteriors, and you’ll love your new roof too.

Give us a call today to get started! You can have a new roof by spring.

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