Winter Aftermath: Finding Exterior Damage

What a winter we have had here in Chicagoland! If you are like most people in the area, you are sick of record-breaking low temperatures, shoveling snow, and putting out salt on the sidewalk. While it is still quite possible to see more snow showers as late as April here in the suburbs, warmer temperatures are surely on the horizon. As the days get longer and the temperatures warm up, homeowners will start to get outside and prepare for a new season.

Spring is an ideal time to inspect the exterior of your home for any damage caused by this year’s especially harsh winter. Here are just a few things to look for as you head outside to take a look at your property.

Damaged Siding

Heavy winds and ice storms have the potential to cause damage to your siding. Take a walk around your home and keep your eyes peeled for any signs of siding distress. Any discoloration, warping, or missing pieces indicate you will need repairs sooner than later.

Damaged Roofing

Your roof is vulnerable to winter damage, and if you don’t notice it quickly, you could be cleaning up water damage. If your shingles are displaced or missing, or if any are showing signs of wear and tear, it is time to get it repaired.

Gutters and Soffit

Your gutters have been working overtime this winter. Between freezing and thawing, there is a chance for serious damage to the gutters, downspouts, and entire soffit area. Assure your gutters are in working order, and that downspouts are secured. If you notice any ice damming or other damage, call the team at Stanley Exteriors to begin the repair process before rains begin falling this spring.


Your windows can take a beating during harsh winter seasons, and without proper attention, you could lose money to energy costs due to inefficiency. If your windows appear foggy, cracked, or drafty, it is time to invest in new windows that will save you money in the long run.

For all of your home’s exterior needs, work with our team at Stanley Exteriors. We offer free estimates and decades of experience working with homeowners throughout the area. Let’s make sure your home recovers from winter and is ready for a new season.

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