Window Inspiration for Your Garage

Now is the time to begin planning your springtime home improvement projects. Sprucing up your garage can improve your home’s resale value as well as give you another space on your property to entertain. Fortunately, you don’t have to completely remodel your garage to make it look great (though you certainly can!). Adding or upgrading existing windows is an excellent place to start. New windows can add character, more light, and more curb appeal. Here is how to get started as you plan your improvements. 

Curb Appeal

Is your garage a bit boring? A plain garage can be quite the eyesore and does nothing for an otherwise beautiful home. Fortunately, adding some windows that match the windows in your home can transform an otherwise drab garage into a beautiful part of your property.

When choosing windows, remember that you don’t have to add large windows to make a statement. Instead, small or medium-sized windows that match the style of the windows in your house can be beautiful. Even better, the addition of windows can trick the eye an make the garage appear to be an additional room of the home, quickly boosting curb appeal and buyer interest. 

Be sure new windows are on your list of home upgrades this year. 

Add More Light

Garages aren’t just for cars and storage anymore. Nowadays, families transform garages into additional living space. However, a dim and dingy garage is not welcoming or inviting to guests. Adding just a few windows to your garage can add more light, making the space seem larger and more inviting.

Try adding a few smaller windows on the sides of your garage, allowing light to filter in during the day. We love circular windows or other interesting shapes to create some architectural interest. Love more traditional square windows? Those will look great too! 

More Options to Inspire

When choosing windows for your garage, be sure the design matches the style of your home. This way, your garage will seem like a seamless part of your property, and not an add-on. We especially love using windows to create an illusion of more space, like adding windows to the upper part of your garage

We also encourage homeowners to consider windows that open easily, allowing for better ventilation throughout your garage. If you are worried about security issues, frosted glass can be a perfect solution that still allows plenty of light to get in.

At Stanley Exteriors, we excel at creating garage spaces that are functional and beautiful. Call us today to talk more about your needs, goals, and budget. We will find the perfect plan for you.

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