For most exterior garage door damage, there are quick and simple repair solutions. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Sometimes the damage to your garage door is too severe even for us to fix. In cases like that, it is important to replace the broken door immediately. As soon as you can get around to it, works for many cases of home repairs, but your garage door is not one of those instances.

Dangers of Damaged Garage Doors

Replacing your garage door becomes essential when your garage door could allow excess heat or cold directly into your home. Most homes do not have insulation surrounding their garages, so any rooms that share a wall with the garage will be extra susceptible to the change in temperature. That can lead to an increase in your heating bill, but also potentially make family members sick. Further, molds and mildews are often a chronic issue for those people with broken doors. Spores like these thrive in the temperatures but needs to also be sheltered from direct weather.

Animals also flock to those homes with broken or accessible areas, particularly during extreme temperatures. Just like those parts of your chimney that need to be covered in mesh to stop animals from entering, your garage needs to be sufficiently secured to stop critters large and small from entering it, too. Additionally, it is important to think about this as a security issue.

Your family’s safety is one of our greatest concerns, and not having a properly closing or opening garage door is a huge problem for the security of your family. Finally, the idea that the door could fall and hurt someone is always there. It is best to replace a damaged garage door immediately. Then, all these concerns disappear.

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