Why is Fall Such a Good Time to Check for Gutter Problems?

How often do you climb up a ladder and clean your gutters? When you are cleaning them, do you also look for signs of gutter problems? Most people do not do either of these tasks often enough. The problem with that is that when you have gutter issues, if they wait too long, it can damage your home, too. It is important that you take time each spring and each fall to check for gutter problems. If you see them, make sure to correct them before winter hits.

Signs Your Gutters Have a Problem

There are many signs your gutters may show if they have a problem. Do you notice your gutters sagging? Have they come completely apart? Does water leak out of the joints when it rains? If your gutters have pulled away from your home or they sag in the longer stretches, they need help. It may be that they simply need to be cleaned out. However, more often than not, these signs are telling you that there is a weak point in your gutters. That could mean big problems down the line.

What Makes Fall a Good Time to Look?

Fall is an ideal time to clean and inspect your gutters. The last thing you want to do is go into winter with gutter problems. Then, all the snow and ice will add weight to your gutters, compounding the problems you already had. This excess weight can lead to gutters that pull out of the house completely, falling down, and taking whatever is still attached down with it. You are left with holes in your home, possible roof issues, damaged soffits and more. Looking now is much better than waiting until spring for your inspection.

Stanley Exteriors Can Help with Gutter Problems or New Gutter Installation

If your gutters are no longer working properly, then know you can turn to us here at Stanley Exteriors. We can help fix gutter problems if they are caught early enough, or we can help with new gutter installation. No matter what your gutter needs may be, we are here to help. Call us today!

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