You don’t think about your garage door too often. Most people don’t. They only think about it when something goes wrong. Maybe you try to get out of the garage in the morning and you find that the garage door opener doesn’t work. Perhaps there is an issue with the springs or one of the sections.

Many potential problems can occur with garage doors, and most of them will require professionals from Stanly Exteriors to repair.

Why You Need the Experts

Garage doors are heavy, and the systems used to open and close the doors have the potential to be dangerous. Garage doors weigh well over a hundred pounds, and some could weigh several hundred pounds. These are large, heavy, moving walls essentially, and they could be deadly if they were to fall on you.

When trying to make repairs to the garage doors on your own, you run the risk of pinching your fingers, getting cut, or even crushing parts of your body. Garage door accidents can even result in death. Safety should be first on your mind, so whenever you have a problem with the garage doors, the first thing you need to do is contact the professionals.

The professionals will have the knowledge and experience to take care of any maintenance or repair needs for the garage door. Their knowledge also helps to save time and money.

When to Call the Professionals

Have you noticed some issues with your garage door? The door might still be opening and closing, but it may have a delay or be moving more slowly than normal. Maybe you have noticed that one or more of the sections of the garage door has been sagging. There might be issues with the rollers or even broken cables that are causing problems.

Any of these has the potential to be dangerous. Contact the professionals and let them handle the big jobs…and perhaps the small jobs, too.

Although your garage door might not need a lot in the way of maintenance, you do need to make sure you take care of it at least once every few months. While you could do some basic maintenance on your own, it’s also possible to have professionals at Stanley Exteriors do it for you. We can come to your place and make sure the garage door is operating properly and smoothly.

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