Have you been waiting for the perfect time to install a custom garage? You may want to know what time of year is best to get going with this massive project. No matter when you do it, a new garage can add value and an enhanced aesthetic to your home. We’ll delve into the best time to get this done so you can schedule it to be done quickly and efficiently.

Climate Matters

Consider how the weather is where you live now. If there are a lot of definitions between seasons, some are better than others for building a custom garage. The same applies if the temperature tends to change a lot between morning and night.

Whether the typical climate is humid, hot, cool, or damp, this can affect the best time to have a custom garage installed. It affects the material used, the process of building the garage, and how comfortable the garage builders will be throughout the process.

For example, if you’ll have concrete poured, you need to think about the timing. If it’s overly cold, the concrete may freeze and experience cracks. If it’s too hot, the concrete may dry out too fast and be less strong. Speak to your garage building team to find out the best time for your custom garage to be installed.

Level of Work Needed

The amount of time it takes to create a custom garage can vary. It might take a couple of weeks or it could take far longer than that. It all depends on what your vision is for the garage. For instance, a one-car garage can be built much more quickly than one with multiple bays and a living space over the top of it.

In addition, bad weather can make it take longer to finish creating the custom garage. It’s impossible to be certain of how the weather will be but choosing a season without a lot of rain or storms is recommended. If this happens during the build process, it might add days or weeks to the length of time it takes to complete the project.

Climate, location, and more can impact when the best time is to get a custom garage. However, in most situations, the early spring through the early fall will be the optimal time for this project. Reach out to your local garage experts at Stanley Exteriors to get the process started so it can be finished before the cold weather associated with winter.

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