Roofs are made to be durable and strong but that doesn’t mean that no damage can happen to them. Wear and tear, bad weather, or other circumstances can lead to missing shingles on the roof. If you inspect the roof and notice some shingles are missing, taking the right steps to move forward is essential.

Bring in an Expert for an Inspection

If you think some shingles are missing, bring in a professional to see where they need to be replaced. An expert will have the tools and experience to find out where the roof is exposed and can get started with the repairs quickly. It’s a good idea to have a professional perform an inspection of the roof anytime a major storm rolls through your area.

Look for Potential Leaks

When there are missing shingles on the roof, it’s possible that water leaks are also occurring. Take a look at your ceiling to see if there are any water spots. This will indicate that water is leaking through the roof. In addition, water spots can give you an idea of where the missing shingles are. This is useful if you can’t otherwise access it or have it inspected.

File with Insurance

Another essential step is to file an insurance claim with your homeowner’s insurance company. First, make sure that the policy you have covers whatever damage is on the roof which will need to be repaired. This is an important thing to do because you could save thousands if you don’t have to handle all paying the costs yourself. Keep in mind that insurance companies will insist you have a licensed inspector determine there is water damage.

Find Water Damage

Water damage isn’t always apparent. It can be out of sight and hidden, especially if the roof is missing shingles. The inspection can look through the house to determine whether there is any water damage. In some cases, mold, mildew, or both may already have begun to grow, which is unhealthy for anyone who lives in the house. The problem needs to be rectified as quickly as possible.

Do you have problems with missing shingles on your roof? Speaking with a roofing expert is the best step you can take to start handling the damage. There are other steps you may need to take but the most important is getting the damage repaired so your work can do its job of protecting your home.


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