What Loose Granules on Your Shingles May Be Telling You

Have you ever looked up at your shingles and noticed that there are what looks like little pebbles or sand on your roof? Those little granules are a symptom of something bigger. If you notice them, make sure you take the time to either go up on your roof to see what the problem is or better yet, call in the pros. Here at Stanley Exteriors, we will gladly go up on your roof to check out what is going on. Then, we can give you an idea of what it is going to take to repair or replace your roof.

Signs of Roofing Problems Coming Your Way

One of the more common symptoms of roofing problems is the granules we just mentioned. The granules on the shingle begin to come loose when the shingles are damaged or getting old. If you see those pebbles or some sand on your roof, this may be what is going on.

Another symptom of impending roofing problems’ is curled edges of your shingles. Those curled edges tell you that your shingles are no longer lying flat as they should. This means that water can get under the edges and ruin your roofing paper and even make its way into your home. You could face mold and mildew in your rafters, which can then spread around your home.

What to Do if You Notice Loose Granules

If you are looking up at your roof and see those loose granules, it is best to have a professional roofing company come out and look. Many people are not worried about going up on their roofs, but it could be dangerous to do so. Shingles without those granules are very slick, especially if wet. Having a professional allows you to remain safe since they have the equipment to do it safely.

If your roof has seen better days, reach out to us here at Stanley Exteriors. We can come out, take a good look at the condition of your roof, and provide a quote on what it will take to repair or replace it.

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