What Does it Mean When Your Siding Starts to Buckle?

Have you noticed areas of your siding that look warped or have started to buckle? If so, then it is essential you know the causes before the damage becomes unfixable. If you recently had someone fix or put in new siding, they may need to come out and repair some areas. For those who have this issue with older siding, it typically points to something different.

What Buckled Siding Means When the Siding is New

For anyone who recently had siding installed, buckling may happen for the first few days as the siding itself settles. It may fall unevenly and look like it is not straight. However, if it buckles or warps significantly, or it lasts several weeks, it could be that the siding was nailed to your home a bit too tightly. The buckling of siding points to the siding struggling to settle against the pressure from the nails. Most siding installation companies will come out and adjust the siding for you if you call them following a new installation. However, each company is unique, so if you went with a different company, you may need to contact them to see what their process is for this type of issue.

What Buckled Siding Means with Old Siding

When your siding is old and you notice it buckling out, you need to consider getting new siding. This typically only happens when the board that your siding is nailed into starts to decay or the siding itself is damaged to the point of not being able to remain close to your home any longer. Thankfully, if you have old siding, these signs can give you the reasons and motivation necessary to install brand new siding and give your home a new look.

Reach Out to Stanley Exteriors for All Your Siding Needs

Turn to the experienced siding professionals here at Stanley Exteriors if you see some signs of siding problems. We can come out, inspect the areas of concern, and let you know what we recommend to correct the problem. Should the siding need repairs or replacement, we can help!

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