Do you check your garage doors each year? All of the components are clean and working as they should, right? If you are not sure, then you need to be careful. Garage door maintenance is a very important aspect of keeping your garage door looking and functioning its best for as long as possible. Many things to into maintaining your garage door. Each needs to be done regularly if you want your garage to last.

Steps to Take for Garage Door Maintenance

According to the best garage door repair companies, there are several things that go into a successful garage door maintenance plan. These include:

1) Replacing rollers on a timely basis.

2) Lubricating all moving parts at least once a month.

3) Checking hinges for loose screws and cracks in wood.

4) Inspecting rails for any visible damage.

5) Keeping track of weather-related issues such as rust and storm damage.

6) Lastly, since the area often gets snow each winter, then the tracks should be covered during snowstorms. Salt spray from snow melts can eat through metal very quickly resulting in costly repairs.

The exterior appearance of the door should be maintained as well, with paint or vinyl coatings. These should not only beautify the garage but also protect it from rust and corrosion. The interior of the door can be repainted if necessary.

Options if You Still Face Garage Door Problems

Some doors just get old. This can lead to several issues, and should never be ignored. If you have an old garage door, then you need to consider updating it for a newer one. If you do not have that option right now, then you may want to find out how many components of that door can be updated. If you have working components that are in good shape, the age of the door is slightly less important. However, if you have an old door plus old components, your garage door could fall and hurt someone one day.

Instead of taking a risk, contact us here at Stanley Exteriors. We will help you with everything from garage door maintenance to new garage door installation if you need it.

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