Your garage can be an incredibly useful part of your home. It’s where you store the lawnmower, tuck away spare tires, and may even accommodate your car during snowy weather. However, many homeowners don’t realize that it can do more than keep equipment out of sight or provide temporary shelter for automobiles.

Your Garage Has More Uses Than You May Realize

Your garage is a versatile space that can offer an endless supply of storage possibilities for everything from holiday decorations to old family photos to shop tools and more. The first step in making this room more functional is increasing its square footage by implementing these simple tips.

  • Make use of shelving units: Small pieces like these are not only easy to assemble but they’re also very affordable (most sell for less than $20). Not only do they create extra storage, but they also make the garage appear cleaner and more organized.
  • Go up: Using poles and ceiling tracks, you can design a system that hangs storage bins from the ceiling or hooks to store larger tools overhead. This is especially helpful if your garage has limited wall space because it allows for additional floor space.
  • Build cabinets: Cabinets aren’t just for kitchens; customizing some to fit in your garage will provide valuable extra storage without taking up valuable floor room.
  • Park inside: If your car fits inside your garage, consider investing in a car cover so its exterior stays protected from the elements while still being accessible whenever you need it.

Let the Experts at Stanley Exterior Help You Make Your Garage More Usable

A lot can go into your garage. It can literally become an extension of your home. Instead of just putting junk out in your garage, make sure you consider all its uses. Want to keep something out of sight, private, and hidden until you can reveal the surprise? The garage can do that. What about seating and a TV for the big game? The garage can do that, too! No matter what ways would help your garage become more user-friendly, the folks here at Stanley Exteriors can help. Call us now!

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