Tips For Cleaning Your Roof Without Damaging It

Keeping your roof clean and tidy is no easy feat. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to make the job easier, and hopefully prevent any nasty accidents! The first thing to do is take a look at how it’s done by professionals. By looking at what they do, you will be able to get an idea of what technique should work best for you.

Steps to Cleaning Your Roof

The first step to cleaning your roof is to get a friend to help you. Have him or her hold the ladder while you climb up, one hand on each side of the ladder for safety’s sake. While standing on the top step, check for any loose shingles that may have been loosened by something like storm damage and nail them back in place with a hammer.

Next, make your way towards the front of the house and inspect it for any branches or limbs that may have fallen from nearby trees. If there are any, use pruning shears to cut away these hazards before they become dangerous projectiles later. In addition to this, if there are any broken shingles along this verge area (the section where your roof meets the side of your house), use a pry bar to remove them. If you don’t have one, you can usually rent one at your local hardware store, or borrow one from a friend who has their own.

Sweep Off the Debris

Now sweep down your entire roof with a push broom, making sure to get all debris off, including any built-up dirt and leaves that may have gathered over the summer or winter season. This is an important step because if there’s loose debris on your roof, it will become airborne during subsequent gusts of wind and fly into nearby homes or people.

Finally, mix up a solution of one part bleach to five parts water in a bucket. Place the garden hose atop the highest point of your roof, turn it on full blast, and start spraying down your shingles. This will routinely rinse off any built-up dirt or bacteria that may have gathered over time.

It’s important to do this for another reason besides keeping your home clean. Raining bacteria is an easy way for certain forms of life, such as algae or fungus, to grow out of control on your roof without you realizing it until an infestation occurs. If left unchecked, this could lead to leaks forming within the interior areas of your home and cause extensive damage there too (which we definitely want to avoid).

Call Stanley Exteriors if You Want Help Keeping Your Roof Clean

To make sure your roof is clean without the danger of climbing a ladder, call us here at Stanley Exteriors. We will come out, clean up your roof, and help with any repairs it may need, too.

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