Building a garage can be an exciting way to add space to your home and raise property value. It’s important to have all the elements right before you begin building because of the sheer size of the project.

There are so many working elements and things to consider when you’re constructing a garage, and it can be difficult to know where to start. This article will examine the most important things to consider when building your garage.

Things to Keep In Mind When You’re Building Your Garage

There are several important things you need to keep in mind when you’re building your garage. The following section outlines the most important elements during this extensive job.

1.     Zoning Laws

You need to understand what the zoning laws consist of in your area. These laws outlaw what and how you can build on your property.

You’ll need to be sure you have the proper permits pulled and everything is up to code. Disregarding this important element can cause significant problems later on.

2.     Attached or Detached?

One of the most important characteristics you need to figure out is whether you want an attached or detached garage. This might actually be the single most crucial decision to make throughout the entire process.

Is it important that you can access your home directly from the garage? If so, you’ll want to build an attached version. Otherwise, a detached garage might work well if you plan on having someone rent the upper portion as a loft.

3.     How Many Stalls

How many stalls will you need for your garage? This question can be answered by deciding how many cars you’ll need to park in the area, plus the amount of storage space you’ll need.

Typically a two-stall garage will suffice most homeowners. However, if you’re planning on having additional vehicles or using the area for other purposes, you may want to consider additional stalls.

4.     Your Garage Door Design

Do you know what type of garage door design you want? This is another important element when it comes to your garage as a whole. The design of the door will be the first thing people look at and will take up a huge portion of the face of your house.

You want a design that’s going to sit well with you for the long term. The last thing you want is an eyesore for a garage door.

Building a garage is a huge undertaking, but it shouldn’t make you nervous. By paying attention to the important elements and planning ahead, the process can go much smoother than you think.

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