Although a good garage door has the potential to last up to two decades before it needs to be replaced, it still requires regular maintenance. It is a major part of your home and likely the largest moving part of your property. Maintaining it properly throughout the seasons will help to increase its lifespan. With summer on the way, it’s time to do the basic summer maintenance.

Give It a Test and Watch

The first thing you should do for your summer maintenance is to test the garage door. Even though you might use the door regularly, you probably don’t pay much attention to it as long as it is doing what it is supposed to do.

You need to watch the way it moves along its path. Look for any areas where it might stick or stop, even for just a moment. Does the door rattle and shake a lot when it opens or closes? Additionally, listen for any odd sounds that could indicate trouble. You should do this about once a month or whenever you feel there could be a problem, not just in the summer.

Check and Lubricate the Hardware

You also want to check the hardware to see if there is a lot of wear and tear. Check all of the parts of the hardware that are visible. See if there are any missing or loose bolts and replace or tighten them if needed. You should also lubricate the hardware, which can help ensure it works smoothly. If there are more serious issues, you will want to contact the professionals at Stanley Exteriors

Wash the Door

The door can get mighty dirty over a long winter and a rainy spring. One of the maintenance tasks you’ll want to do as soon as summer approaches are to wash the door. Do this on the inside and outside. A little soap and water will be all you need to get it clean in most cases.

This will keep the door looking good, and you can see if there are any issues with the door itself that need to be fixed.

If Your Door Has Problems, Contact the Professionals

If you discover that your door has some serious issues, such as a broken spring, don’t try to fix it yourself. It’s more dangerous than you realized. Instead, you should get in contact with the professionals at Stanley Exteriors, who can inspect the door and make any necessary repairs.

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