Signs Your Siding is Deteriorating from the Inside Even If It Still Looks Good on the Outside

A good rule-of-thumb to follow is to repair siding at the first sign of damage, as broken siding grows more expensive to repair as the damage is left to increase. In addition, some factors that can damage siding pose health risks; mold and pest droppings are two common examples of biohazards that can ruin siding. In addition to routine visual inspections, homeowners should be mindful of the following indicators that their siding needs repairs or replacement.

Foul Odors

Mold, mildew, and rot can form beneath the surface of siding for extended periods of time without leaving external visual clues. However, organic contamination frequently causes unmistakable odors. When a home or residence has an unpleasant odor with no visible, logical source, the root cause could be damage underneath the siding. This is especially likely in wet or moist climates, since moisture is a requirement for mold and mildew to form and spread

Pest Infestations

Whenever a home suffers a pest infestation, it is safe to assume that the home has structural damage. Many types of pests – including mice and termites – can cause hard-to-detect damage because of creating their nests inside of walls and ceilings. Even pests that are not associated with causing structural damage, such as spiders, still use existing home damage for entry. Homeowners contending with pest infestations should have their property inspected, if for no other reason than to seal the entryways the pests created, which will forestall the next pest infestation.

Expensive Heating and Cooling Bills

When a home yields high heating and cooling bills, and other structures such as the roof and attic are in sound condition, the cause could be siding that needs to be replaced. Though external damage often goes hand-in-hand with heat or cool air escaping through siding, damage that is not easily detected by the human eye can yield air leaks as well.

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