Should You Add an Extra Garage for Your Tools and Toys?

A second garage? Who could need one of those? Well, it turns out, a second garage is a solid option for lots of people. This is often true even if they’ve never thought about it before. A new garage provides many advantages, from increasing ROI (return on investment) on your home’s value, to protecting your tools and toys. Keep reading to see if a second garage is for you.

A Second Garage Adds Value

Any home improvement is likely to increase the resale value of your home. But few will provide as high an R.O.I as a garage. But there are also many secondary savings few people think about. The cost of weather on your car is a good example. With a single garage, often projects or clutter can take over, leaving the family car sitting out in the rain, wind, and freezing temperatures. This all takes a silent but steady toll on the components of your second most valuable asset. Inevitably, this car Vs clutter leads to the purchase of a storage space, which quickly fills up with stuff that is even more quickly forgotten. Soon you are spending $5 or $6 thousand a year keeping a giant, inconvenient to access mystery box.

A Second Garage Means Options

A second garage can add many options for your family. Now your vehicle can rest safe and snug while your tools and toys can be organized and easily accessed without scratching the paint. No more trying to remember what you stuffed in that storage unit 20 minutes away, because it’s all right there, accessible and safe when you need it. That extra space also can provide the ability to make quick decisions. It’s August and blisteringly hot, but here is a great deal of two snowmobiles you know you could use this winter. Worried about space? Not with that second garage!

Contact Stanley Exteriors for A Quote

Stanely Exteriors can help you design and build that new garage. Contact them today and get rid of the clutter, expense, and inconvenience of too much stuff and not enough space. Your car will thank you.

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