Is your garage door in disrepair? If so, it may be enticing to a would-be thief casing your area. We all want to think that our neighborhoods are safe, but even in safe neighborhoods, some openings are just too good for someone with malintent to pass up. Instead of putting your garage and your belongings at risk, it may be time to take the next step and repair your garage door.

Other Reasons Why Leaving Your Garage Door Could Be Dangerous

On top of the openings, a broken garage door can offer a potential thief, you also have to worry about other things that could happen to your garage with a broken garage door. Whenever we get bad weather, such as a strong thunderstorm or snowstorm, you could risk moisture in your garage, beyond what is normal. This could lead to flooding in your garage, or you may wind up with mold during our muggy summer weather.

You also have to worry about rodents if you have a broken garage door. They may get in, chew up your wires, and even pose a fire hazard. It is never good to leave your garage door broken at all, if for no other reason than the risk of it falling on someone. However, if it has been an extended period of time, you are putting everything inside your garage at risk.

Fix Your Garage Door with Our Help

Here at Stanley Exteriors, we know garage doors very well. We can come in, possibly fix what is wrong with your garage, depending on what it is, or just replace your old door with a brand-new option. This makes your garage much safer, protects against the elements and pests, plus it helps remove a lot of temptation from anyone looking for a place to break into.

Never take for granted what could happen if someone broke into your garage. It is always best to make sure that your home and everyone in it is safe. Do not take chances that you are welcoming a break-in. Instead, contact us here at Stanley Exteriors today and let us help you fix your garage door.

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