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Reasons Why You Need to Repair Your Old Garage

The walls and roof of your garage require similar maintenance to your home. The roof needs to be free of leaves and growth and not leak. The walls need to be maintained so they don’t let the weather in through cracks. But one part of the garage that often gets overlooked is the door. While your garage door opener is safe and snug inside your car, the door and its mechanism are subject to the outside weather.

Time and Weather Damage

Your garage door requires maintenance. Over time, and with heat, humidity, and the cold, the components of your garage door opener will begin to break down. You might find gaps developing between the door and the rest of the structure. These holes allow the weather in, as well as inviting rodents and larger critters to take a look inside. Large enough gaps allow potential thieves to “scout” your garage for valuables, before coming back later to claim them. Or perhaps you notice your door is opening and closing in an erratic or jerky fashion. This could be a problem with the door’s sensors. They may require cleaning or a realignment. If you do nothing, the problem will likely progress until the door fails to function at all.


Old garage door openers can be easily hacked, meaning you could come home one day to an empty garage. An upgrade to a digital wireless opener, combined with an app on your smartphone,  increases your security and convenience. Another security issue involves your safety. Garage door openers made before 1933 may lack a safety reversal system. This safety feature involves two sensors 6 inches above the ground, which will stop and reverse a closing door if they detect something in the door’s way.

Don’t Take Chances

Regular maintenance and well-considered upgrades can keep your garage door in top shape. You can contact Stanley Exteriors and have one of their specialists come to take a look at your garage door and help you ensure it is maintained properly and provides all the safety and security you need.

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