New Garage Construction

At Stanley Exteriors, we know that good communication with your garage builder is a must!

Working with our team of experienced contractors will ensure your next garage will be the last one you will need.

1)  All concrete is not created equal. Our team knows that a stronger mix of concrete with wire mesh (instead of rebar) make for a slab that is durable for your new space. This technique will not only ensure longevity, it will also increase the overall life expectancy for your project. Stanley Exteriors always includes a concrete water ledge; this feature keeps the garage walls lifted and dries in case of a wet floor.

2) We know how to protect your investment. A well-built roof is a hallmark of any Stanley Exteriors experience. We recommend building a stronger roof and keeping rafters closer together (16” On Center) and by using heavier shingles. Our favorite, Owens Corning Oakridge shingles, have a proven track record of additional protection.

3) We know how to keep your structure straight and strong. Constructing garage walls is an important part of the puzzle. Here at Stanley Exteriors, we use an interlocking double top plate, which keeps your new garage walls from sagging. We recommend

Laminated Veneer Lumber beams for the header over your garage door, we eliminate any issues like bowing and twisting. Finally, we are sure to install a moisture barrier, which prevents condensation and mold And a heavier Vinyl siding.

Communication is key
At Stanley Exteriors, we know that good communication with your garage builder is a must! When we build a garage, we handle everything starting with the permits, then the demolition, concrete, carpentry, electric, and clean up. Good communication will both insure that your new garage is built just the way you want it and in a manner that minimizes the inconvenience that comes with the construction of your new garage.

We guarantee that your garage is built to or beyond code. Our quotes always include your villages ‘requirements so there are no expensive surprises later!

Please give us at 708 223-6464 call to discuss your project and set up your free consultation.

From our Garage Construction Manager, Marty

I have been designing and building garages in the Chicagoland area for over 28 years, and has worked with the major garage builders.  My experience has taught me how to build a durable garage that is also beautiful. Thanks to this experience, I am confident I can offer upgrades for your new garage and still deliver a price below our competitors!

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