After a big storm, hail can cause damage to homes, cars, and other items out in the weather. It’s important to be aware of whether your roof has hail damage so it can be repaired as needed. The amount of damage from hail varies based on the wind speed and direction, hail size, and characteristics of the roof. Damage can lead to roof leaks or other problems.

Loss of Granules

The little bits that look like sandpaper on the shingles are called granules and hail can remove those. If the granules are gone, the coating is left out in the elements and will break down more quickly. You can inspect your downspouts and gutters to see if any granules are present to know if this issue is present.

Cracked Shingles

When hard pieces of hail smack into the roof, it can cause serious damage. The same can occur when high winds blow over the home. One of the issues it can cause is cracked shingles. The wind or hail connects with the shingles and causes damage.

This can lead to tears and exposure which may manifest as bare areas on the roof. When the shingles are cracked, the shingles won’t be able to protect the roof properly in the next store.

Fiberglass Mat Exposure

Hail that comes down hard on the roof can cause damage to shingles as mentioned. However, the problem can go beyond that. It can shatter the surface of the shingles entirely. When this occurs, the shingle may pull completely away from the roof. When this occurs, the fiberglass mat underneath is left exposed and is more likely to experience issues.

Fiberglass Mat Fractures

While many of the problems mentioned are easy to see from the ground, that doesn’t apply in all cases. Fiberglass mat fractures are very hard to see if you aren’t trained and experienced in the roof inspection. This is a situation where you want an expert to take a look at things. If the mat of fiberglass under the shingles is fractured, this leads to cracks and tears where the hail came down on the roof.

If you look at the roof and see what appears to be hail damage, you need help from Stanley Exteriors. We can gauge how badly the roof is damaged and take steps to repair it. Reach out today to find out more and have your roof inspected by an expert.

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