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Is Your House Exterior Making You Colder This Winter?

The winter season is officially here in Chicagoland which means we are all preparing for many cold months ahead. Plummeting temperatures, ice, and snow, along with shorter days mean many of us are retreating to our homes to stay cozy and warm for the duration of the season. However, you may not be as warm as you should be if you are living in a house with damaged or old exteriors.

Unfortunately, if you haven’t updated or replaced certain parts of your home exterior, you could be spending more money on your energy bills than your neighbors. Here are a few things to consider as you try to stay as warm as possible this season.

Drafty Windows

If your windows are more than ten years old, they are not as energy-efficient as they could be. Further, old windows are often at risk for seal damage which results in cold drafts sneaking into your home. If you walk by a certain window and feel chilly, you should put that specific window on your shortlist for replacement.

Damaged Siding

The siding on your house does more than just boost your curb appeal or enhance your personal style. It plays a crucial role in keeping your home safe from the elements. Damaged siding or siding more than 15 years old is not doing its job as well as it should be. Years of harsh Chicagoland winters and summers cause damage quickly, which can mean your home is not sealed up as well as it should be.

An Old Roof

Your roof also is an important part of your house’s warming plan. Without an efficient roof, all of your rising heated air will flow right out of your home. This means high energy bills and cold family members.\\

Now is the season to begin your plans for updating and replacing parts of your home exterior that simply are not doing their best job any longer. Call the team at Stanley Exteriors to hear more about our options and how our services can get you feeling warmer quickly this season and beyond.

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