Does Your Home Need Tuckpointing Services?

The brickwork of your home could be one of the reasons you chose to buy the property. After all, brick homes are beautiful, classic, and sturdy. While a brick exterior does require less maintenance in general than wooden or vinyl siding, tuckpointing is a service that can make sure your exterior lasts for decades to come.

Here are a few signs that your home could need tuckpointing services.

Mortar Damage

Your brick home (or brick feature, like a chimney) is built from the stone and the filler between the stone. The filler is called mortar and its integrity is crucial to the structure of your house. When you are walking around your home, be sure to keep an eye on the mortar you see. If you notice holes, gaps, or cracks in the mortar, it is time to call the team at Stanley Exteriors for a consultation. 

Holes, gaps, and cracks in the mortar will not resolve themselves. In fact, the damage will continue to get worse without proper repair.


If your bricks or mortar are showing discoloration, this could indicate damage. You may notice discoloration in a specific area and that could indicate water damage or breakdown. In either case, call a tuckpointing professional for a consultation and to make a repair plan.

Decaying or Missing Bricks

Without proper maintenance and repair, mortar can deteriorate and bricks can begin to fall from your home. If you notice missing bricks or missing mortar, call the team at Stanley Exteriors to schedule your tuckpointing consultation and services.

Tuckpointing services are important for the maintenance of your home’s brick exterior. The experienced masonry professionals at Stanley Exteriors will restore and repair the stone and mortar work on your home. The results are beautiful and will last for years to come. 

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