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Getting Your New Garage: Steps From Design to Installation

A new garage has been on your home improvement project list for years. Now that you are ready to finally make it happen, you may not know what to expect. Most homeowners don’t realize the process that is needed to take their project from dream to completion. At Stanley Exteriors, we have years of experience working with clients and guiding them through the completion process. Here is a quick summary of what to expect when you begin work on your new garage.

Choose a Contractor
First and foremost, find a contractor who has experience working in your area and with garages. Choosing the team at Stanley Exteriors gives you the confidence that comes with working with a contractor with decades of experience throughout the Chicagoland area. We only partner with the best laborers and our customer service is exceptional.

Talk About Budget and Design
Once you have secured a contractor, begin an open conversation about your budget and about your design thoughts. Tell your contractor what you will use the garage for and if there are any “must have” features you are hoping to install.

Discuss Demolition
If you have a garage already on your property, your contractor will need to talk to you about demolition. Ask questions and schedule the demolition as soon as possible so you can begin construction.

Get the Permits
Before you can demolish or build, you will need to secure a permit from your city or village. Generally, an experienced contractor will do the permit process on your behalf with the village, leaving you free and clear from the paperwork and follow up.

Start Construction
Now for the fun part – construction! Beat the construction blues by keeping in touch with your contractor. Ask questions and talk about any concerns you have. Open communication can make the building process less stressful.

Love Your New Space
After the building is complete and the mess is removed, you are left with your beautiful new space. Enjoy it!

Are you ready to work with an experienced team to make your garage dreams reality? Give us a call for an estimate; we would love to answer any questions you may have about the process.

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