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Game Day in the Garage: Entertainment Upgrades for Your Garage Space

Garages have had major upgrades over the past few decades. What was once just a space for a parked car or storage is now a space for entertaining. If you already use your garage for entertaining friends, or if you have always wanted to give that space the flexibility to provide space for guests, here are a few upgrades you may consider adding.

Electrical Plugs

If you want to turn your garage into a space where you can watch a game, you’ll need to have the accessibility to electricity. While most garages do sport a few plugs, you will want to add more and place them strategically to assure you can plug in your television, projector, and other electrical devices. When installing electrical access points, be sure to work with an experienced professional – this isn’t the project to DIY.

Mounted Television or Screen

You can’t watch your favorite team play without a television or projector/screen combination. Look for an option that is mounted to your garage wall, and consider having an easy way to enclose the television when it is not in use.

Heating and Ventilation

Hosting a group of friends in your garage during a Chicagoland winter makes for chilly guests. Consider adding a heating component to your garage, such as heated flooring. While you work on the heating elements of your space, don’t forget to assure you have a viable ventilation system for the garage as well.

Seating Options

Finally, give your guests a place to relax by having seating options readily available. You can build in a bar, or fashion a fold-down table that is built into the garage’s wall. Talk with your contractor to see your options or to gain inspiration.

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