Energy Efficient Home Exterior Updates

The summer season gives most homeowners the perfect weather to finally invest in home exterior updates or repairs. This year, consider a home exterior update that will not only make your home look great, but will also offer energy savings all year round. At Stanley Exteriors, we aim to provide the best quality products for all our clients, and many of our energy efficient options are beautiful, affordable, and actually work to bring down your rising energy bills.

Energy Savings Starts at the Top

Looking to save on your energy bills? Start at the top…of your home. If your roof is more than 20 years old, or if it is damaged, it is not energy efficient. Nowadays, shingles are designed to reflect the sun’s heat and energy, which will keep your home cooler in the summertime. Further, steer clear from dark shingle colors when possible, as these colors absorb the sun’s heat more than lighter colored options.

Siding Is Important Too

Your siding plays an important role in your home’s curb appeal. It is always amazing to watch a home’s look transform thanks to new siding. However, your siding does more than just make your home look great. It also plays a key part in making your home more energy efficient. Vinyl and fiber cement siding can be energy efficient, especially when installed with a thermal barrier.

If your home has bricks, it is important that you keep up with proper maintenance and repair. Damaged bricks or mortar can decrease energy efficiency quickly.

Drafty Windows = Poor Energy Efficiency

If your home features old windows, or windows that are drafty and damaged, now is the time to invest in new windows throughout your home. Energy efficiency for windows has come a long way over the past decade, and you won’t believe the difference new windows can make. Say so long to drafty windows this summer.

No matter what home exterior solution you are looking for, consult the experienced professionals at Stanley Exteriors. We will walk you through the process, from design choices to installation follow-up, and assure we communicate with you every step of the way. Call us to set up your free consultation so we can learn about your project goals.

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