Double Duty: How Capping Can Benefit You

You aren’t the only one who is cold this winter. Squirrels, and other animals in the area, are always on the lookout for some place warm to rest. Unfortunately, your attic can be the perfect place for persistent critters to make their own this winter. Fortunately, knowing what to do to protect yourself, and your home, can keep squirrels moving past your house.

Squirrels and other wildlife are excellent scratchers and chewers. If they find can find their way onto your roof thanks to nearby trees, they are sure to look for wooden features first. For many homes around the Chicagoland area, wooden soffits or facia features are common, making squirrel (and woodpecker or other bird) access easy.

Capping to the rescue
Choosing to cap your soffit or fascia with aluminum is your best line of defense when it comes to keeping critters out of your home. Not only does capping make it nearly impossible for animals to chew through, the process pulls double duty as well, giving your home a design face lift. The capping process is quick and effective, leaving your home protected without a major overhaul.

Aluminum capping can quickly turn your home’s exterior into a positive feature for your curb appeal. Thanks to the capping materials coming in a variety of colors, you can make a major difference in the design of your home, even without committing to (or paying for) new siding. Once your wooden features are capped, you also don’t have to worry about the painting maintenance that wooden soffit or fascia requires. Aluminum is built to be sturdy and withstand the harsh Chicago elements.

Finally, capping benefits do not stop at your curb appeal or at your soffit/fascia features. Aluminum capping is an excellent choice for reinforcing your windows and trim. Again, wooden trim for windows tends to be standard for older Chicagoland homes, which can require yearly maintenance that is not always realistic to keep up with. Pests like termites can enter your home’s structure through wooden window trim as well. Fortunately, capping is the perfect way to make your window trim look sharp and to protect your home.

How to make it happen
Capping is a skilled position, and requires specially trained professionals for installation. Here at Stanley Exteriors, our team includes the most precise Cappers and Trim Experts in the Chicagoland area. We know what it takes to make your capping investment last, and how to make it look perfect.

Give us a call to talk more about your home. We are ready to partner with you and keep your home looking great.

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