Considerations When Planning Your New Garage Project

If an update to your current garage is on your home improvement project to-do list, you might be feeling excited and overwhelmed. After all, transforming your current garage into a new space that is useable, functional, and stylish is hard work. But once you see your dreams come to life, you will realize all the work was well worth it.

No matter if you are looking to do a quick facelift or start from scratch, a little planning can go a long way. Here are a few considerations to think about as you dream about your new garage.


First things first, be sure you talk about budget with your partner and with your contractor. It is smart to leave some wiggle room for unplanned glitches during the process, but knowing your general budget price for the project will keep you – and your team of hired professionals – on track. If you aren’t sure what to budget for the project, talk with the team at Stanley Exteriors. We can take time to listen to what you are hoping for and help you nail down a budget that is realistic and reasonable.


After you determine a budget, you can start to think about what you want your garage to be for your home. Some homeowners like a garage that is simple – a place to park a car or two and house some shelving for seasonal items. Other homeowners want a garage that can function as an entertaining space for the home. Do you want your garage to house your car as well as a bar and television? Would you prefer your garage to have space for your art studio? Nearly anything is possible with the right planning and construction plan, but it is easier to go into the project when you know the function and purpose of your updated garage.


Once you determine the overall purpose for your garage space, you can start adding features to support it. Extra electrical access works great for someone who needs plenty of plug-in space for power tools, while additional lighting can make the garage seem less dingy and more welcoming. Built-in shelving units are also practical, which makes them popular with many homeowners.

At Stanley Exteriors, we have transformed garages into functional and lovely spaces for our clients. Our team has the experience to guide you from design to permit to installation with ease, and you’ll feel our communication skills are exceptional. Call us today to talk more about your upcoming project.

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