Common Causes of Ice Dams and How to Prevent Them

Chicagoland is used to cold winters, and this year has been no exception. One thing that not everyone in Chicagoland is used to, however, is ice dams. Many people have heard of them, but not many know what they are. If you are not sure what an ice dam is, or the damage it could cause, then read on. It is very important that you learn what it is, what can happen if you get one, and how to keep from forming in the first place.

Causes of Ice Dams

An ice dam is a blockade of ice left from melting snow that froze, thawed, and refroze over time. Any snow behind this blockade that melts, then leaves a puddle behind the dam, which can make its way into your home. The more this thaw and refreeze cycle happens, the more damage an ice dam can do.

Dangers of Ice Dams

When an ice dam appears, the ice freezes to the shingles. It also stops melting snow from draining, leaving puddles on the roof. This is heavy, and it also slowly works its way through the roofing materials. It can result in ruined insulation, mold problems, mildew growth, and even unstable roofing materials.

Tips for Preventing Ice Dams

The tips for preventing ice damns are relatively simple. First, always make sure you go into winter with clean gutters. Whenever it snows, keep the area around your downspouts clear as well. Second, any time we get snow of any significance, make sure you remove the snow from the edge of your roofline so anything that melts can get into the gutter. Finally, examine your roof regularly during the winter. If you see any ice buildup around the edge of your roof or gutter, remove what you can.

Want to find out more, or need help maintaining your roof and gutters? Then make an educated choice and reach out to us here at Stanley Exteriors. We would love to help keep your home and roof safe, and help prevent issues like ice dams from causing damage to your home.

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