Several decades in the past, nearly all garages were of the detached variety. When attached garages came into vogue, fewer people chose detached garages. For many years, homes were largely built with attached garages. A detached model could be seen from time to time but it was rare.

As we move into the future, some people are choosing to bring detached garages back. However, it’s worth considering why these detached garages all disappeared for several decades.

Neighborhood Size

Detached garages were the most common type back when neighborhoods were sprawling and lots were large. There was plenty of room for a house and a separate garage. In many cases, the garages were located out back away from the house in its entirety.

As time passed, manufacturers continued to make these garages. It was common and garages continued to sit behind houses. Garages were often reached through alleys. People tended to use the back entrance regularly so the garage door was easy to access.

Chosen Social Area

Back when detached garages were common, most activities took place in the front of the house. Kids would play there, guests would hang out there, and people would stay there to chat. However, things changed as time passed.

People commuted to work and bought homes farther away from the city. Parking on the street wasn’t always possible so homes have driveways and there was no need to drive through side streets. People also began to hang out inside more than outside.

These things all combined to create the near disappearance of the detached garage. It was more common to attach the garage for use with the driveway and people started to use the garage to hang out, work, and do other tasks.

While detached garages are not as popular as attached garages, many people are choosing to go back to the glory years of garages. Those with large properties and lots have the needed space to install a separate garage. If you’re ready to install a garage yourself, look into the benefits of each type of garage and choose what meets your needs.

After choosing between attached and detached garages, make sure you work with Stanley Exteriors to have the garage built at your home. This is the best way to get great results and ensure everything works the way it should. You’ll have tons of options to choose from.

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